Does hotel management have a good scope?

Does hotel management have a good scope?

I feel like hotels are effectively becoming the new relaxing spot. Want to go on a vacation, you have to pick a hotel to stay in and relax-get a good night’s sleep, feel like you just want a change in environment, again going to a hotel sometimes feels like a second home. The people working in hotel management is a flourishing field and the people working for hotels are definitely getting the perks of living life. Some hotels are so famous that they have opened up various franchises in different countries and they are doing extremely well.

Courses to do in hotel management

After 12th if any individual wants to pursue a career in this field then he or she has to do a bachelors and a master’s course and give certain exams which have been listed below.

  • BHM (Bachelors of hotel management).
  • MHM (Masters of hotel management).
  • Diploma in hotel management can also be done.

The main entrance Exams that are to be given by the students are


GRAND HYATT SEOUL: Seoul's Top 5 Star Hotel, brand new suites & rooms -  YouTube

Nowadays since the technology has improved, people have adapted well to it and most teaching professionals have taken it upon themselves to provide students with knowledge, even if it is through the online medium. So students can also opt for courses on udemy, Coursera, or Skillshare.

 Top colleges to study in are,

  • IIHM Bangalore.
  • IIHM Kolkata.
  • IIHM Pusa.
  • IIHM Pune.

After completing their degree from these colleges which will cost you upto INR 1,00,000 or INR 4,00,000 to study on a bachelor’s or a master’s level. But once the degree is completed you will directly get placements and can start working as a baker, an executive or a manager, although getting to the post of being a manager would require a lot of hard work and skills from your part. The average salary that a hotel manager can expect to receive is of INR 4.04 Lakhs annually, even if he or she is just a fresher, now you know I wasn’t kidding when I  said that they do enjoy a lot of perks. Currently when the world was under lockdown, the hospitality industry which is that of hotels and other things suffered a lot but it’s safe to say that it has regained it’s power regardless of the hurdles that came along the way and is now once again a booming business.

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