How Does Your Project Be At Ease With Scaffolding?

How Does Your Project Be At Ease With Scaffolding?

Alta Scaffolding has been widely used during renovation activities and construction. In the simplest form, scaffolds are temporarily elevated work surfaces used in supporting materials and workers. There are different types of scaffolds, both suspended and supported.

Types of scaffolding

The different types of scaffolding are a great advantage for occupational safety and health administration. Workers use scaffolds, divided into three groups:
●       Aerial lifts
●       Supported scaffolds
●       Suspended scaffolds

Aside from these three groups of scaffolds, there are two basic types:

●       Suspended scaffolds. It has one or more platforms by ropes and other non-rigid, it is overhead support.
●       Supported scaffolds. It has one or more structures supported by the:
○       Rigid
○       Load-bearing members (poles, legs, outriggers, frames, etc.)

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There are other types of equipment used, such as:

●       Scissor lifts
●       Aerial lifts

These are other types of supported scaffolds

Scaffolding is merely a temporary structure created in facilitating the repair, construction, or maintenance of walls when work is carried out at more than 1.5m high. It is provided on one side or both sides of the wall. The scaffolding height will be adjusted during the work progression.
Every height of the scaffolding is adjusted as the work progressed.

Part of scaffolding

Scaffolding can’t be complete without the parts. Here is a list of parts of scaffolding needs:
●       Standards
●       Ledgers
●       Putlogs
●       Braces
●       Bridle
●       Transoms
●       Toeboard
●       Boarding
●       Sole plate or base plate
●       Guard rail
These are parts of scaffolding that are needed to complete the scaffolding structure.

Which scaffolding do you need?

Here is a list of scaffolding needs that you may need:
●       Single scaffolding. It is also called bricklayers’ scaffolding, also used in brickwork. It is consisting of one row of standards spaced from the wall and in between them.
●       Double scaffolding. It is also called masons’ scaffolding consisting of two rows of scaffolding, provided with rackers and bracers. Double scaffolding is also called independent scaffolding, which is primarily preferred in stone masonry construction.
●       Suspended scaffolding. The working structure is suspended from the roof using ropes, chairs, or wires. The structure is movable vertically or horizontally, depending on the work required. It is an affordable scaffolding that provides ease of movement for workers. This type of scaffolding is used for wall works, such as:
○       Whitewashing
○       Painting
○       Distempering
●       Cantilever scaffolding. It is a scaffolding that cantilevers from the walls. It is needed when the ground is weak to receive the standards and even in multi-storey building construction.
●       Trestle scaffolding. It consists of a movable scaffolding structure built on ladders, tripods, or mounted on wheels. It is used for maintenance works inside the building.
If you have a construction project, which scaffolding type do you need? You have to differentiate among the different types of scaffolding to make sure that it caters to what you need in the construction project.
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