Basics Of An Ankle Injury And Ankle Sprain Physiotherapy

Basics Of An Ankle Injury And Ankle Sprain Physiotherapy

Athlete or not, one must have sprained their ankle once or twice in their life for sure — let it be because of falling wrong on their foot suddenly or by injuring themselves during a game. It is a phenomenon quite universal but also quite delicate since the risk of reinjury or even permanent damage is very high. In such instances where the sprain is quite severe, the need for ankle sprain physiotherapy is dire.

Symptoms of sprain

Since sprains are usually caused due to an accidental injury or overworking of the joint, the symptoms it may show can be almost similar to muscle pains. In severe cases, one may even confuse it with through that they broke their bone. Thus, knowing the symptoms of sprain is quite important to apply basic first aid.

Sprains in the ankle region usually emerge as extreme pain and stiffness in the ankle, which also starts to gradually show in the physical body by swelling and bruising of the affected region. This swelling is primarily caused due to internal damage to the muscle and main ligaments of the ankle.

ankle sprain physiotherapy

How to heal

The best way to heal from a sprain is by resting and not overworking the affected area. Any forced attempt to walk or overwork the ankle may cause reinjury or permanent damage that may stay as a perpetual ache in the ankle. Thus, it is highly suggested by even the doctors to rest as much as possible during such an injury.

Other than that, basic first aid should be administered by applying ice to the affected area and elevating the ankle from the body to direct the blood flow back to the body. This results in less swelling and lesser pain. The ice should not be applied directly to the skin — instead, it should be applied through a thin cloth or towel for twenty minutes or so before giving a break of forty minutes and repeating the whole process.

Basic painkillers and other medicines should be consumed only after a doctor’s prescription; please avoid self-medication as it may cause adverse effects.

Beyond that, a quick and complete recovery can be achieved by taking early physiotherapy for the ankle sprain. Such physiotherapy can also help decrease the chances of reinjury or any permanent damages while also facilitating the healing of the affected area.


In the end, for any physical injury or sprain, physiotherapy is quite beneficial to facilitate quick recovery while also avoiding any future aches and permanent damages.

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