BTO Renovation Package Singapore: An Overview

BTO Renovation Package Singapore: An Overview

Renovation packages offer various services at a fixed price, including space planning, plumbing, and carpentry. Depending on what’s being offered and what’s not, one mightget charged for additional but essential work included in the base package, such as electrical, etc.Unlike the rest,the bto renovation package singapore providesthe best servicing package in town.

How would one maximizetheir BTO Renovation Package?

When a new Built-to-order (BTO) flat is ready, it seems like a massiveproject to undertake to furnish the new home. Often it is a massive project with a high cost. Here are a few tips that one could apply before commencing their home renovation procedure –

bto renovation package singapore

  1. Enlisting assistance only from HBD-Approved Contractors or Interior Designers- One should always check whether the interior designer or the contractor they have engaged is registered to carry out all HDB renovation works. It is done because any work must comply with guidelines stipulated by HDB. Otherwise, it would be considered unauthorized, and HDB could demand that the beauty of the flat be reinstated to its original condition immediately. Besidesadvising the owner on the best course of action to take based on the configuration of their BTO unit, HDB-approveddesigners could pinpoint what to do and notconcerningtheir rules and regulations. Before commencinghome renovation, thecontractors need to submit an electronic renovation application on the owner’s behalf.
  2. Three years restriction period for bathroom floors and walls- Bathrooms in BTO flats come with wall and floor finishing coated with a waterproof membrane, a measure that prevents water from seeping through the floor onto the ceiling of the flat below. Ifone could decide to disregard the three-year duration and replace the tiles, that would void the warranty altogether.One has to use the first three years as the buffer period to expand their innovation budget.
  3. Flooring Type –Homeowners must be aware of HDB’s guidelines on flooring matters. Regardless of the preference, there is one crucial rule to follow; it is compulsory to use pre-packed cement screed on dry areas in the BTO unit, namely for the walls and floors of bedrooms and living rooms.
  4. Demolishing of Walls – Demolishing the connecting walls has been a common issue for WTO homeowners.To confirm if the proposed work could be removed, homeowners must get their contractors to submit all the proposed plans to HDB for clearance of the new BTO.

Including all these factors, the renovation package has to comply with the terms stated by HDB.


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